Repair Gallery

Below are just a small sample of the repairs we do to achieve a like new finish on all types of damaged or defective surfaces. Damage is often caused by an accidental impact , and if not fixed can cause more serious problems. Moisture can penetrate the surfaces causing  discoloration and staining. Chips and cracks can be sharp and dangerous.  They can also compromise the strength of the surface. Professional surface repairs are essential to preventing further damage.

Hole in Bath Tub Repair
In this video our Technician repairs a hole in a fiberglass bath. The extensive damage to the fiberglass structure and acrylic surface was restored to as new condition. The process included fiberglass patching to reinforce the back of the bath to give the repair strength. No matter what kind of damage your bath has, A&J Trade Services can fix it..

Bath Tub Crack Repair
In this video our technician repairs a crack in a bath tub. First step is to “v” out the crack and apply triacetate to the crack to fuse the surface back together and prevent the bath from leaking. The area is then given a light sand, to prepare for filler. The bath crack is now filled and sanded ready for coating. Color matched coating and clear coat are applied to leave a flawless finish.

Black Stone Splash Back Repair
In this video we show a repair to a Black Stone Splash back in a new kitchen that was damaged when a power point was being installed, leaving deep gouges and scratches. The area is first sanded to remove any rough edges, then filled and sanded again to a smooth flat surface. color matched paint is then applied to the area, when dry the surface is polished to replicate the original finish. A&J Trade Services can repair damage to all kinds of surfaces around the home, please visit our website for more information and to get an online quote. We apologises for the poor quality of this video, due to low light and black surfaces.

Stone Bench and Bath Repair
In this video, A&J Trade Services repairs damage in a bathroom caused by a large wall mirror falling. The stone bench on the vanity was chipped, the bath was chipped and there was some damage to the aluminium tile edging. All these surfaces were repaired and restored to as new condition.

Aluminium Window Frame Repair
This video show a repair to a aluminium window frame that was damaged with a grinder. After removing any burring on the edges of the damage, the area is masked off for filling. This fill will be done in 2 stages as there are 2 different surface heights that the damage runs through. The filler is then sanded back ready for painting to complete the like new finish. A& J Trade Services can repair scratches chips and dints in all kinds of surfaces around the home.

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Ceramic Floor Tile Repair
This video show a quick repair to ceramic tiles damaged when adjoining timber flooring was removed, The ships were prepared, masked, filled and sanded. The surface color and texture was then emulated and coated to create an undetectable repair.

Stone Repairs
A&J Trade Services specialises in stone benchtop repairs to kitchen benchtops, bathroom, countertops, bartops, tables.  Materials like marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, granite and engineered Caesarstone, Essastone, Quantum Quartz, Silestone and HanStone are strong, however they are susceptible to chips, cracks and stains.

Repairs on engineered stone involve filling the chips and cracks in the stone with coloured UV glues and resin, UV technology is used to harden the material in the chip, it is then polished smooth to match the original finish of the stone.

Polished Concrete Floor Repair
Some of the common flaws associated with concrete include: pop-outs, pinholes, gouges, spalling joints and cracks. A&J Trade Services specialises in repairs to Polished Concrete floors as you can see from the photos above ore repairs are undetectable and guaranteed to last.

Vanity basin, Shower base, Bath and Spa Repairs
Repair of bathtub cracks, holes and bath tub chips, unsightly scratches can be refinished without the need of removal. Repairs maximum strength repairs whilst matching the colour and texture. Most surface repair procedures involve filling, sanding and airbrushing to blend the coating into the existing surface. It is highly recommended that all cracks, holes and chips are attended to as soon as possible to avoid further problems and greater expense.

Laminate Bench Top Repair
A&J Trade Services shows you how they repair damaged on a high gloss laminate bench top. Damage was caused by heavy objects being dropped on the surface, chipping away the laminate surface. The area s are sanded down to remove raised and rough areas from the chips. They are then masked off and a filler applied, the filler is then sanded back and color is applied to emulate the finish. A coating of hardened clear finish is then applied for a high gloss surface.