Surface repair services for Builders

AJ Trade Services been servicing the Victorian building industry for over 20 years specialising in surface repairs to, bathrooms, kitchens, and almost any area of a building with surface defects, faults or damage. Our commitment to service and quality helps facilitate, hassle free hand-overs, keeping building supervisors and home buyers happy.


AJ Trade Services understand building OH&S requirements, all technicians are appropriately qualified and conduct written site and risk assessment prior to commencement of work, the company is fully insured and is committed to continuing improvement in this area.

Quality & Timing

We understand that time is money, our commitment and investment in technology insures priority scheduling for handover related repairs and provides complete technician communication, supplying immediate field intelligence, visual quality checking, problem solving and building supervisor communication, we keep everyone in the loop at all times.

 Defects and Repairs

20 plus years of working with volume builders has enabled us to develop a number of tried and trusted repair solutions insuring handovers run smooth and clients expectations are met. Most repairs and workmanship is guaranteed for 7 years and we can fix /repair almost any hard surface including scratched glass. See below for full range of services .

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