Below are tips to care for your stone benchtops but when and accident occurs A&J Trade Services are able to get your stone and laminate benchtop back to new condition, repairing any scratches chips or defects.

Avoid excessive weights on your benchtop.
While the stone is very strong, the under cabinet or substrate may not be, especially the thinner edge. Don’t stand or sit on you benchtop.

DON’T slide rough items along your benchtop.
Most of the stone products are scratch resistant but not scratch-proof. Certain items slid across the bench can scratch the stone.

DON’T leave spills for long periods.
Wipe up all food and liquid spills as soon as possible. Citrus, fruit juices and vinegar are acidic and can eat into the stone.. Softdrinks will also. Red wine, beetroot, etc can stain stone especially the lighter colours. Also fat and oil stains especially around the hotplate. Be wary of toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, nail polish remover, hair spray, perfume. Blue loo for toilets can stain. Chewing gum, paint etc can usually be scraped off with a sharp blade.

DON’T use abrasive cleaners.
Daily clean with warm water and a damp cloth is usually all that you need. Methylated Spirits is ideal for a streak free finish. Don’t use metal scouring pads or metal scrubbers. Don’t use paint stripper etc on your benchtop.

DON’T use your benchtop as a chopping board.
You will ruin your knives! Most stone products, natural and man-made are extremely hard but if you cut/chop in same spot over time it will be noticeable. Use a proper chopping board!

DON’T leave metal cans and tins sitting for long periods.
Metal cans and tins will leave rust rings which can be hard to remove.

DON’T knock the edge of you benchtop
The edges near sinks and dishwashers are often knocked with plates etc and chips can easily occur. If you do chip the edges DON’T try to repair it yourself, call A&J Trade Services.